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Not all marital property is necessarily split 50-50, and certain types of assets (such as real estate) often need to be liquidated or have titles transferred.

A few of the types of assets that are frequently liquidated in Pennsylvania divorces include, but are not limited to: Liquidating shared assets can be beneficial for spouses because it allows the spouses to no longer be responsible for the property.

They filed a divorce complaint in February 2004 and had a divorce decree entered in January 2009.

The man spent his entire portion of the settlement proceeds during the first year after the settlement, and he was ultimately only able to recover ,206 from the sale of a residence he purchased but stopped making mortgage payments on.

The steep costs involved frequently result in couples agreeing to liquidate (sell or otherwise transfer to cash) certain shared assets.

Some spouses may attempt to liquidate assets without the other spouse’s consent or hide assets when completing their Financial Affidavits.

If the property is marital property then the court must “equitably” divide the property.

Our West Chester divorce attorneys assist clients with complex marital issues in Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County, Lancaster County, and the greater Philadelphia area.There is no question that Appellee's cause of action in negligence accrued during his marriage: the accident in which Appellee was injured occurred during his marriage, and he became aware of his serious injuries and of the Raceway's negligence during his marriage, as shown by the fact that he retained counsel and filed suit against the Raceway during his marriage. All of these events occurred one to two years before the parties' final separation.Thus, because Appellee's cause of action accrued during the marriage, before the parties' final separation, proceeds from the settlement of the suit are marital property.It is often in the best interest of both spouses to transfer or trade assets because doing so will not involve the (sometimes significant) tax implications of liquidating property. Financial Affidavit require both spouses to disclose all relevant financial information, including their incomes, expenses, property, financial assets, and liabilities.Unfortunately, many spouses attempt to undervalue or hide certain marital assets out of fear, a sense of revenge, or possibly just a sense of entitlement.

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