I2i adult chat

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I2i adult chat

Much of this is facilitated by the increasing number of people aged over 55 that are not only coming online, but are also embracing social media.

But closer to home, my childhood friends are South East women, with good jobs and intelligent brains in their heads.I’m really pleased to share this with SHOUT because our two aims are so integral to each other.The first key request on SHOUT’s manifesto is that 100,000 new social homes should be built annually in the UK, as part of the wider target of 200,000.Elisa Faulkner is one of the co-ordinators of Council Homes Chat In preparation for our upcoming workshop at TAI15 – CIH Cymru’s annual conference – I came across the email Cheryl Tracy, the founder of Council Homes Chat, had sent, calling to arms those of us that wanted to get involved. I’m really proud of Council Homes Chat and although the initial flurry of activity has quietened down I believe it still has an important role to play in the social housing story. The aim was to give people a space to tell the story, air their views and get the message heard and I think we’ve achieved that.

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The newest member of the tribe, Finn, my nephew, is three and lives in Sydney, Australia.

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