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3 skills dating

As Sims gain more followers, they will earn rating stars for the blog.

The higher the rating of the blog, the more benefits Sims will unlock.

At 1-star rating blog, Sims can ask followers for donation and help with academics.

There's a chance the followers will donate to the Sim's blog by the morning with the mail.

After the player takes a picture, it will automatically be posted.

Creating a post while having this moodlet will result a loss of followers.

Sims will also begin to lose followers if they no longer create posts after a certain time.

Sims can also upload resumes from their smartphone, and will get an additional career offer when they're looking for a job.

Additionally, Sims will earn faster career performance as the rating gets even higher.

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Change the relationships of 30 different Sims using the Relationship Transmogrifier to Romantic Interest or Partner.